A little about me

My name is Loren VanGalder.

 I grew up in a Christian family in Wisconsin, but in the liberal church we attended I had never met a true Christian my age. I left for college near Chicago wanting to get away from God and experience the pleasures of the world. Instead, I ran into a group of Christians - and particularly a Christian girl. To be with her, I went to Christian fellowship. For the first time in years I began to pray - that God would work things out with her. It seemed impossible to me - but God answered. With the door open, he started dealing with my prideful heart, and in February of 1974 I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. The next year I became the leader of the campus Inter-Varsity group. The summer after my junior year I went to Mexico to minister on college campuses. The experience changed my life.

When I finished college I moved to New York City to build up Inter-Varsity’s work among Hispanic students. I met a wonderful woman who loves Jesus and married her in 1982. We have one son.

Eventually, when I finished seminary, I started my ministry as a chaplain with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. I was privileged to see God transform many lives. After 21 amazing years at prisons in California, Colorado, Puerto Rico, Arizona, and Brooklyn, I retired in 2008.

Our desire is to encourage pastors and their wives, especially in Latin America. A number of those pastors are spiritual sons who came to Christ in prison. Many young pastors love the Lord and want to serve him, but have no one to pastor them. They find themselves alone in very difficult circumstances, often with struggles in their marriage and family that can't be shared with the church. My wife has a burden for the special concerns of pastor’s wives. 

We believe God has called us to live in Costa Rica as a base for ministry throughout Latin America.


Always good to preach the Word.


Ministry on the streets of San José


My beautiful bride


Former inmate and his wife installed as pastors.


Baptisms, Federal Prison, Brooklyn, NY



Praying over a town in Colombia